Friday, February 8, 2008

Twenty-three things on a stick

Trying to find an unused name for a blog was a little difficult. I started running through ideas that had stick in them. They were already taken. My mind started playing with rhymes and I remembered...

Jack, be nimble,
Jack, be quick,
And Jack, jump over the candle-stick.

Mother Goose. “Jack be nimble.” Columbia Granger's World of Poetry Online. 2008. Columbia University Press. 8 Feb. 2008.

Thank you Mother Goose.

If you are wondering about where I got this citation. Concordia subscribes to the online version of Granger's Index to Poetry. The citation suggestion was available in that database.

You can also find this poem online in LitFinder whick LARL subscribes to.

Wikipedia has a nice article with color illustrations from a 1901 book and references to popular culture.

But, don't stop there.
Try a search on You'll find books from around the world. Then if you click on book title you'll find libraries in your area that have the book.

Try a search for Mother Goose on Google book. More books!
Then try an advanced search in Google book. I searched "Jack be nimble jack be quick" and put in the dates 1800 to 1910. I found a first reader that used this rhyme.

So, I think I got a little carried away... *grin*